Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter We’ll Treat Your Home as if It Were Our Own

Flow-Tech Pure CX Carbon Whole-House Water Filter

Model(s): 109455 (standard) & 109456 (large)

Cx Carbon Whole House Filter 500A whole house carbon filter is a convenient and effective way to eliminate or reduce chemicals, bacteria, and other nasty by-products, found in your normal water supplies. Designed to tackle chloramines and chlorine odors and taste in your homes water. The system uses Centaur catalytic carbon as this particular carbon filters out chloramines more efficiently than standard granular activated carbon.

When properly sized for your home, the system is expected to provide a minimum of 5-years, and effectively longer before the media needs to be replaced, and it needs to contain the proper type of carbon based on your water’s content. The variance in longevity is based on water consumption levels and the levels of impurities in your water supply. The carbon beds can be redone when the effectiveness of the carbon has been used past its point of efficiency.

Size Options:

  • 10x54 Tank 1.5 Cubic Feet
    • up to 4 bathrooms
    • 18 Gallons per minute peak flow rate
  • 13x54 Tank 2.0 Cubic Feet
    • Up to 6 bathrooms
    • 22 Gallons per minute peak flow rate


  • Clean, filtered water from every tap
  • Reduction or removal of chlorine, chloramines and associated disinfectant by-products
  • Improved taste on any beverages that require water (Coffee, Tea, Powdered Drinks)
  • Protects your home's pipes against corrosive chemicals
  • Reduce environmental waster and save money cutting out buying prepackaged water bottles

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