Flow-Tech Ion Exchange Water Softener We’ll Treat Your Home as if It Were Our Own

Flow-Tech Ion Exchange Water Softener

Model(s): 109467 (standard), 109469 (large), & 109465 (small)

Ion Exchange Water Softener 500Hard water is characterized by the volume of dissolved mineral content in your water. The normal hardness of the water in your general area is regularly detailed in your neighborhood annual water quality report. On the off chance that you don't have a clue about the hardness in your general area, your Watermen Plumber will be happy to conduct a simple test for you.

If you determine that you have hard water, you ought to think about a Flow-Tech ion exchange water softener or descaler. Spots on your dishes and limescale build up on fixtures are more than an annoyance. Scale can cause water-using machines to work harder, which requires more energy and cuts the lifetime of those appliances. You may have also noticed that it takes more detergent to get your laundry clean.

Contact the professionals at Watermen Plumbing Inc. to learn more about hard water and the potential need for a Flow-Tech water softener.

A properly selected and sized system can ultimately save you money through reduced soap and detergent usage, energy efficiency, longer life for clothing and linens, and long productive life for your water-using appliances.

You should expect a minimum of three years and likely longer, before the resin media needs to be replaced. Salt or potassium will need to be added periodically as prescribed by your service professional. The variance in longevity is based on water consumption levels and the levels of impurities in your water supply.

We recommend having your service provider check your system annually to ensure it is working properly.

Size Options:

  • 10x54 Tank 1.5 Cubic Feet
    • up to 4 bathrooms
    • 18 Gallons per minute peak flow rate
  • 13x54 Tank 2.0 Cubic Feet
    • Up to 6 bathrooms
    • 22 Gallons per minute peak flow rate

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